About Us


Since its founding, Paradigm has earned its reputation as a quality construction company. Paradigm’s success is grounded in the company’s dedication to the success of its clients and its people.

Paradigm is a full-service construction company offering a range of services including: General contracting, Pre-Construction services, Construction, Construction Management, Construction management, Post Construction.

The Paradigm team is highly skilled and experienced in managing construction projects with a keen attention to detail ensuring projects meet our quality standards, safety protocols and financial budgets; all while achieving the goals of every project.



Paradigm’s philosophy is centered on partnerships. This approach comes from the top with strong leadership that recognizes the importance of collaboration and the value of every team member. Our goal is to work in concert with out clients as we move through the project ensuring quality and satisfaction. We encourage open communications amongst team members and work to ensure that expectations are clear and achievable starting with pre-construction though all phases to post-construction.

Our management team has worked together for nearly a decade and has successfully built and maintained key partnerships in our industry. Our reputation is built on trust and integrity; and we approach and manage our projects with this in mind. We understand the bricks and mortar aspects of our business, but more importantly, we understand that relationships, trust, quality and integrity drive success.

At Paradigm, we view our clients as our partners and work hard to build long-term relationships. When a construction need arises, we want our clients to think of Paradigm regardless of size and scope. Our success is measured in two key ways:

1. Repeat business; and
2. Recommendations of our work

We have had the pleasure of working with our clients over many years while expanding our business and clientele to welcome new partners to the Paradigm team; all the while never sacrificing quality or service.