The Challenges

  • In the tradition of Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses, the Boston Clubhouse wraps itself in an abstracted New England style. Borrowings from Boston’s historical past, present and future can be found in the choice of materials and textures selected are reminiscent of Boston’s historical past as well as present.
  • This relaxing space is divided into four zones: the library and business center, the central room, the brasserie and the deli area
  • Accommodates up to 75 passengers
  • Custom furniture, lighting and wall treatments were used to complement the unique building materials that included reclaimed chestnut floors from a historic barn
  • All of the facilities are linked through a series of screens. The shimmer screens with colored light give passengers different visual experiences as they move through the space

Project Description

Client:Virgin Atlantic
Location:Logan International Airport Terminal E East Boston, MA
Architect:Bergmeyer Associates